Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Power of Love and LinkedIn

Experience of a personal marketing campaign – the sequel
… 41% response rate from my LinkedIn network in January…

Of these, 72% have contributed positively with names of individuals, companies or ideas on different channels to navigate. 
Here are the three positives so far:

1.       The feedback from past colleagues, clients and suppliers is affirming.
2.       Positive conversations generate personal energy.
3.       Maintaining a prospects database & action plan is critical.
It is a marketing campaign, except the product is “me”. 

Here are the three issues I am having to work around:
1.       The Executive Search market is, of course, largely client and sector focused.
2.       The value of multi-sector experience is discounted by recruiters.
3.       Consultant to corporate is a tough sell, even with a great turnaround MD record.
What are the next steps?

1.       Analyse the feedback & generate a prioritised list of 10-20 companies.
2.       Make calls to research these businesses.
3.       Identify the “hook” and call the CEO.
To align to my skill-set, what will these companies have in common?
1.       The need to grow revenue, market share or EBITDA.
2.       Those involved perceive that the business is under performing.
3.       There is an immediate market challenge that translates internally into a strategy-staff issue.
The owners of these businesses are typically looking for a leader to:

1.       Energise a business, site or division to increase their ROI.
2.       Positively influence strategic implementation, staff morale and customer satisfaction.
3.       Keen to win new business, enter new markets and compete successfully.
If you are in the middle of your own search then I hope this helps.

It is all about creating great communication, action and results in a competitive world.
Does this describe a business you love?

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