Thursday, 3 May 2012

Free event facilitation for one registered charity operating in the UK and the Commonwealth.

Salmon Heaton & Kimmins Ltd has teamed up again with Pyramid ODI.  On this occasion, we are offering to facilitate a strategic event for a UK and Commonwealth registered charity without charging our normal fee.

We will offer one charity a facilitated two-day event and post-event report.  If successfully selected, all you need to do is agree a date before December 31st 2012, invite the participants and provide the venue.  

We know from our experience of running events for charities in the USA and in Asia that this engaging process has a powerful and immediate impact.   Similar exercises normally cost in excess of £5000 in fees alone. 

We simply want to do something special to recognise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and effectively give our two June “bank holidays” back to the selected charity.       

How will we chose the successful charity?

We want to make this as administratively simple as possible.  It may not be very scientific, but we plan to put the names of the first 10 charities to register their interest by emailing their answer to the three simple questions listed below into a hat. 

We will meet with the charity whose name is the first “out of the hat” and agree the details of the event.  If, based on these discussions and for any reason at all, the charity decides not to proceed with the event before October 31st 2012 then we will return to “the hat” for another name. 

To register, please send to  your answers to three simple questions:

What makes your charity special?

What do you hope to gain or achieve from this event and report?

What could affect the success of your charity in the next three years?

The person sending the email must be a senior officer of the charity or chair of the Trustee Board. 

Please title your email “2012 Facilitated Event - Strictly Confidential” and provide your charity’s registration and contact details.

Why are we doing this?

The special four-day Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of June recognised the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We want to recognise a wonderful lifetime of service and the commitment of her family to supporting charitable causes. We want to give back our two day holiday, as our way of saying “thank you”.  We also know that this event normally has immediate impact.

A little bit more on what the event looks like to help you decide?

You invite a group of colleagues, trustees and key external stakeholders to this two day event. 

We provide the event facilitation and subsequent report free of our normal fee. 

You will need to provide and cover the cost of a suitable venue.

We agree on the date and agenda. Typically, this includes a dynamic process of assessing:

- The world as it impacts your charity today and into the future.

- Your organisation’s strengths and how it needs to address new challenges going forward.

- How you will re-energise and re-focus everyone on the future success of your organisation.

We are donating the equivalent of our two Jubilee Bank Holidays as long as the event is held before the end of the year and you agree to pay any additional expenses.  

We will complete the process by presenting our summarised report to your senior management and board of Trustees before the end of the year.

In Summary

We believe that what we do can make a significant difference, so please pass this on to the Chair of the Trustees Board or the CEO of your favourite charity.  They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting their charity’s name “in the hat”.  Remember, only a maximum of 10 names will go into the hat. 

We wish you every success. 

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