Thursday 19 July 2012

Top Influences: thoughts, role models, organisations and books

What have been the major influences in your life?  Here are some of mine:

Thoughts into action:
Costas Markides – competing strategy; "Disrupting the Disrupter"
Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones  “Why Should Anyone Be Led By You”; Rob's a West Ham fan
Billy R. Bennett – organisational design; engaging “Future Conferences”

As role models:
Rowland C. Behn – leadership & hexadecimal maths can be fun; my first boss

Michael Storey – clear & concise; gave me my first managing director role

Michael Whale – influencing others; my first football captain

Crystal Palace Football Club – never give up, never surrender; "Glad all over" to be a life-long fan

Kepner Tregoe - "The Rational Manager"; every problem has a solution
Situational Leadership - “willing & able”; readiness for the task


Harold Wilson’s “Memoires” - always in a conservative overcoat
Bob Garratt’s, “The Fish Rots from the Head” - how true; banking today & insurance tomorrow

A C Clarke, “Rendezvous with RAMA” - whatever next!

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